Criminal Defence..

It’s important that you have a criminal lawyer who is easily approachable and can communicate legal advice to you honestly and in a way that you clearly understand. An experienced criminal defence lawyer will help you get a better outcome for your case. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be serious and if you aren’t properly represented in court, it is possible that you will get a harder sentence than you deserve.

Youth Crime

TP Legal and Associates assists children in their criminal matters before the Children’s Court.

The age of criminal responsibility is 10 years old. This means children under 10 years of age cannot be found guilty of a criminal offence, as they are considered too young to be held responsible for any type of criminal activity.

If a child is aged between 10 and 14 years, the prosecution must establish the child understood the consequences of their criminal act. If this cannot be adequately established, the ‘doli incapax’ (incapable of crime) rule applies, whereby the young person will be acquitted on the basis of immature age.

If a child is over 14 years old, they will be required to appear in the Children’s Court, and their matter will be dealt with in accordance with the Children, Youth, and Families Act 2005.

TP Legal actively works with the prosecution team, attempting to find a solution that encourages rehabilitation and positive goal setting for our youth. We approach our youth crime clients with respect and compassion.

Our expert knowledge and experience with child trauma and child protection helps us understand our offenders’ patterns of crime. This informs us when dealing with our youth clients, and results in more effective interaction and communication when compared to most law firms.

We are a solution-focused law firm and strongly believe rehabilitation through future planning and community engagement should be encouraged as opposed to incarceration.

Adult Crime

Our team also has extensive experience in assisting adults in their criminal matters. Criminal offences are either referred to as ‘summary’ or ‘indicatable’ offences.

Summary offences are less serious crimes and are heard at various Magistrates Courts across Victoria. More serious offences are referred to as indictable offences and are heard before a judge in the Country or Supreme Courts unless there is an agreement for the matter to be heard in the Magistrates Court.

At TP Legal and Associates, we only assist adult clients charged with summary matters, as we are not a member of the Legal Aid Panel for adult indictable offences.

Based in Melbourne, we service all courts within metro & rural Victoria