Victims of Crime.

By law, you are considered a victim of crime if you have suffered physical injury, emotional injury or financial loss because of a crime. This might include: being injured in a violent attack. being subjected to a physical assault or robbery. experiencing family or domestic violence.

Victims of Crime

TP Legal & Associates is able to assist you with submission of VOCAT applications for financial assistance. You may be eligible for financial assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal if:

– A violent crime was committed against you and you have suffered an injury as a result of this crime.
– The crime occurred in the State of Victoria, Australia.
– You are a primary, secondary, or related victim, or you incurred funeral expenses as the result of the death of a primary victim.

Primary victims are the people who were directly injured or died as the result of a violent crime being committed against them. Primary victims can also include those who attempted to arrest someone committing a violent crime, those who tried to prevent a violent crime from occurring, and those who attempted to assist another person who was a victim of a violent crime.

A secondary victim is a person who were injured as a result of witnessing a violent crime. Secondary victims can also include parents and/or guardians of children who are under 18 years of age when a violent crime was committed against them.

A related victim is a person who is directly related or shares a close intimate relationship with a primary victim.

Our legal team can assist all victims of crime with VOCAT applications ensuring you receive the best financial result possible. All associated legal fees paid to TP Legal & Associates are covered by the tribunal.

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