Intervention Orders.

A family violence intervention order in Victoria is an order of the Court made under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 intended to protect a person from future family violence. Family violence is behaviour that makes a family member fear for the safety of themselves, their property, or another person or animal. This includes any behaviour that is used to force, control, threaten or dominate a family member, and may amount to physical, emotional, sexual, financial or psychological abuse.

Intervention Orders

TP Legal and Associates is able to assist you with Family Violence Intervention Orders. You may have heard of these orders being referred to as AVO’S, IVO’s, or restraining orders. Intervention Orders protect you from a family member who is being violent towards you. You can apply for a Family Violence Intervention Order for yourself or a minor, or the police can apply on your behalf.

The person applying for the Intervention Order is referred to as the ‘applicant’. Applicants can either be you, or a member of the police. The person who the IVO is being placed against is referred to as the ‘respondent’. ‘Affected family members’ are those who will be protected by the order.

Intervention Orders can include conditions the respondent must adhere to. The appropriate length of an Intervention Order is determined by the court.

Our legal team also assists with general Intervention Orders and Intervention Order Contests. Please note that we do not assist with Personal Safety Orders.

It’s important to understand that not all Intervention Order proceedings are eligible for Legal Aid support. Your eligibility will be assessed by a member of our team. Private paying fees are available for those who are ineligible, and we do our utmost to help those experiencing financial hardship receive the legal support they need.

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