About Us.

TP Legal & Associates

TP Legal & Associates are experienced, specialised lawyers practising in Child Protection, Youth Crime, Adult Crime, Intervention Orders, and VOCAT jurisdictions.

Founded by Terri Papoutsoglou, a lawyer with over 25 years working in Victoria’s Children’s Courts, and now supported by a team of lawyers, TP Legal & Associates has made a noticeable impact in the state’s legal arena. This has included two Victoria Supreme Court challenges and subsequent victories, as well as achieving positive outcomes for far more cases per lawyer than the average firm.

Based in South Melbourne, our team is able to service all metropolitan, regional, and rural locations across Victoria. We regularly travel to courts in rural areas where amongst other cultural groups we specialise in supporting indigenous cultures. Our service remains fully operational throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Compassion, Respect, Unity

At TP Legal & Associates, our clients can rest assured they’ll experience a professional service where each and every person is treated with dignity and respect. You won’t be judged by us; we’re here to help and are focused on achieving the best outcome for you, your family, and your children.

Clients looking to find the best representation possible, alternative representation, who are in a rural area and have yet to be allocated a lawyer, or those who chose to represent themselves but then realised a professional lawyer would offer a better result, all come to see our team and are pleasantly surprised.

TP Legal’s compassionate approach is based on helping vulnerable children, parents, and families. We focus on family values, keeping children with their families, and ensuring indigenous people remain with their culture. Our clients can receive Legal Aid if eligible, and if you’re experiencing financial hardships, unlike many other law firms, we do our utmost to provide the fairest rates possible – Everyone deserves a fair go, and everyone deserves their day in court.

Support and Empower

TP Legal & Associates is renowned for being genuinely passionate about advocating and defending the rights of children, parents, and carers. One of our aims is to empower you via our guidance, advice, and support. We take an intelligent, careful, hard-working, and transparent approach to our legal representation, and always treat you with the respect all human beings deserve.

Our level of experience in the Children’s Court jurisdiction allows TP Legal & Associates the opportunity to take the time to explain the key stages in court proceedings, which further adds to your chances of achieving the best possible outcome. We quickly ascertain your case’s key points, understand what needs to be done, how we’re going to do it, and after preparing all of the necessary documents, represent you in court to help you resolve your dispute.

Our People

Terri Papoutsoglou

Terri Papoutsoglou is the Principal lawyer at TP Legal & Associates. Terri has over 25 years of experience in the legal industry and has a Graduate Diploma in Criminology and Applied Psychology. Terri obtained her Law degree in 2003 and shortly afterwards was admitted to practice. Terri has worked in rural and metropolitan law firms, establishing her own legal practice in 2013.

Terri has a passion for assisting vulnerable members of the community and has volunteered for many charity groups in and around St Kilda and metro Melbourne. She has a wealth of experience in the Children’s Court and is well known for her expert advocacy skills. Outside of work Terri enjoys time with her teenage son, family and friends based in and around Melbourne. When she is able to do so, Terri loves to travel to Greece to connect with her overseas family and friends while enjoying some much-deserved rest and relaxation time.

Aisha Kaukau

Aisha Kaukau is an Associate Lawyer with over 10 years of experience in the legal industry and offers a wealth of knowledge to her clients. She studied a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University. Aisha studied and completed her degree while caring for her daughter who was born in her second year of Law studies. After graduation Aisha studied at the Leo Cussens Institute completing a further 12 months in legal training.

Aisha is enthusiastic about assisting children and working closely with youth and their families. Being a mother herself, Aisha offers empathetic and valued insights to both children and parents. Aisha is mentored by our Principal Lawyer, Terri Papoutsoglou, and works closely assisting Terri in Child Protection, Youth Crime, Adult Crime, Intervention Orders, and VOCAT Matters. Outside of work Aisha enjoys motherhood, friends, and holidays to New Zealand where she spends time with all of her extended family.

Emily Bakic

Emily Bakic is TP Legal’s Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. Emily studied a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and is a qualified scientist. Emily has a passion for forensic science within the legal field and brings a vast range of academic skills to her work at the TP Legal & Associates office.

Emily is passionate about helping and assisting vulnerable members of our community. Her mother, grandmother, and aunt all work in the legal industry, specifically with Child Protection and Criminal Clients. It was this exposure that led Emily to pursue a career in the legal sector, assisting our lawyers at TP Legal & Associates in the management of their legal files. Outside of work Emily enjoys the company of her 1 cat, 1 snake, 1 bird, and 4 pet tarantulas! 


At TP Legal and Associates we are predominately a Legal Aid focused law firm. This means the majority of our clients fund our legal representation through Victoria Legal Aid.

We assist clients with their applications for Victoria Legal Aid. Our experienced administrative team is able to assess each client’s eligibility for Legal Aid on the spot. This means we can process applications immediately via our direct portal with Victoria Legal Aid. To view the current Victoria Legal Aid application form, please see below:

 Victoria Legal Aid Application Form (Apply here)

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, our law firm is happy to negotiate reasonable fees in accordance with your personal circumstances. Unlike the majority of law firms, we are willing to set a fee structure that caters to your existing financial pressures and life situation.

Based in Melbourne, we service all courts within metro & rural Victoria