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Leading Child Protection and Legal Services in Melbourne

Child Protection

As qualified defence lawyers with over 25 years working in the Children’s Courts, we always act in the best interests of children.

Intervention Orders

We help protect vulnerable children and families in the community, including indigenous and vulnerable family backgrounds.



Our legal team provides comprehensive legal representation for all members of the community, including the underprivileged and underrepresented. In line with this commitment, we strive to ensure equal and fair access to quality legal services for every person in Victoria. We’re particularly mindful of the unique needs of the Aboriginal community, as we hold deep respect for their connections to land and culture.

All our employees have undergone Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training with the Koori Heritage Trust and have a strong commitment to advocating for the Aboriginal people of Victoria.



Since we are predominately a legal aid-focused law firm, most of our clients fund our legal representation through Victoria Legal Aid.

Our experienced administrative team are trained to assess each client’s eligibility for legal aid on the spot; we can then process applications immediately via our direct portal with Victoria Legal Aid.

If you require Legal Aid, please fill in the form below:

We hold

Strong Values.

With a focus on family connectedness, we’re genuinely passionate about advocating and defending the rights of children and families as well as offering Aboriginal legal aid in Victoria.​

Our goal is to achieve the most positive outcome possible, and our level of experience means we know our jurisdiction well.

About Us

Our experienced lawyers specialise in Child Protection and Intervention Orders. We also provide Aboriginal legal aid in Melbourne, as we strongly advocate for Aboriginal people and their rights.

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Our Beliefs

We take a ‘never give up’ approach when achieving justice for the people we represent.

Our Fees

We’re open to negotiating reasonable fees to cater for your financial situation.

Our Beliefs.

We take a determined, ‘never give up’ approach to our objective of achieving justice for the people we represent.

our people tp legal and associates
Latest News

Read news articles and stories about what’s happening in the legal system in Victoria, and across Australia.

Our Fees

We’re open to negotiating reasonable fees to cater for your financial situation.

 Quality Legal Advice Spoken in a
       Language You Can Understand

Quality Legal Advice Spoken in a Language You Can Understand

Latest News

Burnout in child protection workers

Frontline workers are leaving the child protection sector in droves because of lack of support and feeling defeated by the volume and nature of cases. Liana Buchanan, Victoria's Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People, says that it is a common problem and...

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We’re here to support you and ensure you’re heard.

As our law firm is now located online, we’re able to service all courts within metropolitan Melbourne, rural Victoria, and surrounding areas. Our commitment to supporting and providing legal services and extending legal aid to underprivileged families, including Aboriginal people, remains unwavering. We continue to offer these essential services, initially communicated via our website, often culminating in guidance, advocacy, and support at court appearances.

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