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We recognise not everyone can readily and easily have access to high-quality legal services, and for many, travelling to see a lawyer in-person isn’t feasible. This is why it’s our sincere goal to ensure our online law firm offers everyone access to expert legal services.

TP Legal & Associates provides virtual legal services to people across rural and regional Victoria, as well as in metropolitan Melbourne. Our team of experienced online lawyers is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the Australian legal landscape via expert online solicitor advice, online legal consultation, and representation at online court hearings.

Schedule meetings via video call or on the phone from wherever you are. Have conference calls with parties relevant to your case, share documents via email or other secure online sharing platforms, and attend online court hearings where we represent you virtually within the group video conference. Undoubtedly, this is a faster, more effective, and more economical way to access our professional legal services.

If you’re looking for virtual legal assistance for your case, TP Legal & Associates is the right place for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and speak to a lawyer online.

Our Services


Child Protection & Children’s Court

Our online lawyers are ready to represent children, parents, stepparents, and carers in online court hearings, as well as providing you with expert legal consultation online.

We’ll guide you throughout the entire process, providing detailed Child Protection and Children’s Court advice specific to your case.

Legal Aid

As a predominately legal aid-focused online law firm, our experienced administrative team is trained to assess each client’s eligibility for legal aid online; we can then process applications immediately via our direct portal with Victoria Legal Aid.

Aboriginal Representation

Our online law firm is a strong advocate for Australia’s Aboriginal population, ackonwledging and respecting your connections to land and culture.

We advocate for access to equal and proper Aboriginal virtual legal services with this in mind.

Why Choose Us



A few reasons why you might wish to access our expert solicitors’ advice online:

● You can access our virtual legal services from anywhere during our standard work hours.
● Our skilled online lawyers bring years of experience and expertise to your legal matters in a virtual setting.
● We remain steadfast in providing supportive and compassionate online legal consultation for all our clients.
● Receive personal, tailored lawyers’ advice online that accommodates your specific needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
● We believe everyone deserves access to justice; legal aid is available for families unable to afford our legal fees.
● Get timely answers here online to all your legal questions without delay.

We’re here to support you and ensure you’re heard.

As a genuine law firm now working online, we service all courts within metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria via virtual, digital engagement. Our commitment to supporting and providing legal services and extending legal aid to underprivileged families, including Aboriginal people, remains unwavering, as we continue to offer these essential services via our online platform.

Your legal peace of mind is just a click away. Help us help you.